Within The Pocket -Joshua Hewitt

Joshua Hewitt
English 101
31 August 2013
Within the Pocket
There is an object that is always with me, that rests within the back pocket of my jeans. I
can’t go a day without it, and to not have it would throw my day off its axles. What it holds is
all extremely valuable. It holds my identity, cash, cards, reminders, and whatever else fits in its
four inch by two and a half inch leather stitching. If you haven’t guessed by now, this object happens to be my wallet.
This is a piece of black genuine leather held together by its black thread stitching with
its magnetic money clip on one side, and a clear see through pocket for my ID on the opposite
side. Within those sides are various pockets for cards of all sorts. In the first pocket is my Raider
card ID, which is used for school. The next pocket holds what I use most out of my wallet all
together; my Huntington debit card. Above in the third pocket is a card that I rarely touch, and
it exists to be a speedy rewards card. It has been there since the beginning of my wallets life as
well. Shoved behind that card, if you peel back the leather that is stuck down, is a room key
from the Excalibur hotel in Vegas where I stayed at during spring break. So on from those
pockets are various business cards I have collected over the time I’ve had this wallet. The last
thing in this wallet that is my most important piece of info, is my driver’s license.
I ordered this wallet off of amazon and had it shipped to me for standard expedited
shipping from the company down in Pennsylvania. For $9.00 plus $4.50 for shipping this wallet
has been more than worth it. You know it was genuine leather just by that famous smell it
emits. It was probably about 3-4 years ago I bought this wallet. So by now you can expect it to
be worn down. Its corners are smoothed down and no longer have the leather creases it has
when it’s fresh. The inside pockets have separated from the seams and now no longer serve the
purpose as a separate pocket from the ones on the front holding all the cards. The leather also
has scuffs and pieces of threading hanging off. There is dust behind my license, and sand at the
bottom of the pockets.
The countless times I have misplaced it and put it through the washer and dryer are only
a few places it’s been. I remember I was standing by a pool fully clothed and ended up
being pushed in by a friend and my wallet was soaked so I had to air dry it for a couple of hours. Four years ago it went through the sky to Texas with me. Around three years ago it went down south to Florida and all the states between. Just recently this past spring break it traveled to Vegas and back and still holds all of the things it went there with surprisingly, but maybe with not as much money but whatever its Vegas. It’s gone to the coast and beaches all over Michigan which explains the sand. It’s been forgotten at my girlfriend’s house, crammed between cushions on the couch, and lost in the tall grass of the front yard. You name it; my wallet has most likely been there.
Other wallets just don’t cut it. I’ve had enough of the opening, folding, velcro’ing,
zipping, camouflage wallets that just weren’t enough. Also I’ve never disrespected myself and
style by attaching a chain to my wallet and belt loop. Id know if my wallet weren’t in my back
pocket or if someone tried to reach for it. I’m perfectly fine with my one sided, five pocket,
magnetic money clip wallet instead.
It’s not too thick like some of the wallets where people jam every piece of info they receive into
it. It isn’t heavy like compared to other wallets that weigh your pants down.
My jeans that I own have a wear spot showing on the back right pocket
from wear my wallet has rubbed continuously through it being with me. I don’t plan on
replacing this wallet with something else, even though I like to switch things up. It may be the
only thing that will stay the same with me. I wonder how this wallet will end up either being
wrecked, lost or stolen, but maybe it will last forever.
My wallet has been almost every place I have been, besides the times it was lost. If it
could talk I would probably be in trouble more often from it saying where I have been when I
wasn’t supposed to be. But it will continue to travel along, visit places with me and
hold my belongings. My wallet will always remain within my pocket.


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